Getting the most out of Google Classroom as a teacher during the COVID 19 pandemic

Having a Gmail account is the first step to making sure this works out smoothly for you.

Whether you’re using a phone or a laptop, 90% of everything that will be discussed shortly will apply, however, I highly recommend using your mobile device. For anyone who is currently having issues with space on their mobile device, using a PC would work best for you.

Here are the specific mobile apps you’ll need below

Google Drive (To store files)
Google Classroom (To interact with students)
YouTube Go (To watch videos with reduced data cost(Android ONLY)
YouTube (To make and upload videos from your phone)
Google Sheets (To store and retrieve excel type files quickly)
Google Docs (To store and retrieve word type files quickly)

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Communicating with students

Creating assignments

Using forms to create a quiz

Grading and leaving feedback/remarks

Understanding Google Drive

Upload files to Google Drive

Managing and organizing files

creating files in google drive

Understanding Google Sheets

Understanding Google Docs

I hope you found this helpful, comment below if you have any questions.

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