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Wokchop Media is a digital marketing agency for schools with an objective to help these schools attract, engage and retain parents using digital marketing.

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Engage your community and keep them up to date


Tell Google what you what everyone to know about you


Billboard ads are hard to measure but not digital ads

Digital Consulting ​​

While running your digital ads, do you build a funnel or apply re-targeting first? hire us if you don't know which comes first.

Web Design​

First impressions matter, they checked you out on Google already.

Content Marketing​

Solve random problems for parents using content and they'll spend more time on your website & social media

Graphic Design​​

Bring your school's activities to life through design

School Management System

Enhance productivity, manage your school in a click or two.


We’ll get you as many quick and early wins as possible, while setting up specific, long-term, scalable digital marketing goals.

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We are online marketing gurus who know everything there is to know about Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google advertising among others.

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Did a competitive school open near you? Is there a scandal that pops up on Google about your school? Is your school new? Consider one of the following to bounce back:

  1. Invest in Paid Ads

  2. Invest in Social Media Ads

  3. Earn Positive Reviews

  4. Redesign Your Website

  5. Shorten Your Inquiry Form

  6. Make Sure Your Form is Responsive

  7. Optimize Your Landing Pages

  8. Offer Something of Value First

There are many out there & few schools have the resources to be on all channels, for starters it isn’t wise to invest in all. But how do you choose which one to start with?
Well, it all comes down to four things; your marketing goals, the content you want to promote, your audience, and content creation resources.

Let’s run a quick assessment to see if your website answers these questions clearly:   

what age range do you  serve?

what makes you unique?

How can prospects learn more?

How can prospects find & visit you?

Will their child fit in?

To add to this, ask yourself,

does our content speak to prospective parents or existing parents?

Which audience are we giving more attention to on our your website?

Is our home page a dead end?

Do prospects know exactly what to do next after landing on our homepage?

On the contrary, if you’re not satisfied with the service, we’ll refund your money back to you.

Inbound marketing focuses on filling your school’s admissions funnel with qualified prospect families, and taking them on a journey from “awareness” to “decision.” Inbound marketing for enrollment focuses on the content and strategies required for each stage in the journey.

Every school is unique & personas are the foundation of any successful school campaign, as they help you define the relevant messaging that will best appeal to each of your target audiences. By understanding clearly who your ideal customer is, you never have to worry about someone stealing your strategy, it won’t even work for them.

Send us a message we’ll be happy to share insights that will get you equipped to handle this.

Word of mouth is indeed the number one way prospective families hear about a school but being on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram amplifies word of mouth marketing strategy by giving people something to talk about. It allows your parents to be interactive with the school, but they’re also viewing a piece of what’s happening at the school that they don’t necessarily get to see on a daily basis. It’s also easier to get recommendations online. We can show you how.

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